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One of the most important activities of Insurors of Tennessee and IIABA is Government Affairs.  Both at a state and national level, your association is working to protect the interests of independent agents. In order to be the most effective advocates possible for independent agents, Insurors and IIABA need your support through grassroots campaigns and support of our state and national Political Action Committees.

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InsurPACTN is a registered political action committee focused on providing financial and information support to candidates and members of the Tennessee General Assembly who believe in a competitive free enterprise system and are dedicated to the promotion and preservation of a competitive insurance climate.  As more and more bills are filed each year, the future of Tennessee's insurance market is becoming dependent upon the our lobbyist's ability to engage in the legislative process.  Insurors government affairs team advocates for independent agents in Tennessee, but they can not do it alone.  

InsurPACTN is one of the largest insurance PAC's in Tennessee.  We use these funds to support legislators who support independent agents and are business friendly.  Additionally, we support our members who throw their hat in the ring to run for state office.  Between sessions, there are dozens of fundraisers each week where we are asked to contribute.  What used to be a request for $250 is now a request for $500, and $500 is now $1,000.  Therefore, we need your help.  Be assured that 100% of the money raised is distributed to Senators, Representatives and candidates for state office who will support independent agents.  

I'm "​All In"

Several years ago we developed the "I'm All In" program to show our members that any amount helps.  We ask each agency to contribute $50 per employee to InsurPACTN.  If each member agency did that our PAC would easily exceed $100,000 per year.  That is the cost of ten trips to Starbucks.  Help us help you by supporting InsurPACTN. 

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As the federal government exercises more and more power over small business, the future of our industry becomes greatly dependent upon our ability to become engaged in the federal political process.  The U.S. Congress regularly considers legislation that directly affects the livelihood of independent agents – from taxes, healthcare, and flood insurance to the overhaul of the insurance regulatory system.  We are fortunate to have a strong federal government affairs team working for us through our membership in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA).  However, they can’t do it alone.  It is vital that we, as small business owners and agents, play an active role in shaping the public policy debate and ultimately the laws that come out of Washington, D.C. 

Through constant dialogue with Members of Congress and participation in numerous fundraising events, our federal government affairs staff has forged strong relationships with many influential policymakers and key congressional staff.  That has been made possible in large part due to InsurPac, our federal political action committee.  It solicits voluntary, personal contributions from agents throughout the country, and then distributes 100% of that money to Congressmen, Senators and candidates for federal office who support small business and the independent agency system.  Fortunately InsurPac is one of the largest federal PACs in the insurance industry, and is by far the largest property-casualty agent PAC.

The dust has settled on the 2015 InsurPac fundraising campaign and the books have been reconciled. We are pleased to tell that you more than 3,500 independent agents came together to support InsurPac, helping it establish a new record with $1,061,300.76 in receipts, topping the previous record by roughly $35,000.  This marks the third time in a row and fourth time in its history that InsurPac has topped one million dollars in receipts during a calendar year. As discussed before, the one million dollar mark has become the new base upon which to build going forward.  Because InsurPac is so large, it is able to carry over a healthy balance each election cycle and “hit the ground running” with each new respective Congress.  Opinions on issues are being shaped every day and we must continue to have a seat at the table to educate Members of Congress.  That seat at the table is made possible, largely due to InsurPac.  It is THE federal PAC for independent agents.  

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